Implimentation of the curriculum

The college adheres to the guidelines laid down by the State Government in general and the University in particular. We try our level best to provide 180 days of teaching in a calendar year. Special classes (if needs be) are engaged during vacation or off hours to compensate for the time lost in examination/evaluation. As for example during one sitting of examination the college starts at 8.30 / 9.00 in the morning and classes are held up to 12.30 / in addition to work done by the teachers during the examination.

The college Staff also put in extra labour & effort for running two Distance Education Programmes.

Contribution made by the institution for effective curriculum delivery

The Institution follows a specific Time Table Programme for the effective delivery and transaction of the curriculum. The Departmental Council comprising of the Members of the Department and two Student representatives (1 male+ 1 female) meet atlest once each month to evaluate the progress and suggest means for overcoming hurdles if any in achieving optimum output. Two Seminar/ Symposia form an integral part of the curriculum each Calendar Year I. Lalit Jayanti II. Birthday of Uma Pandey. The recent addition of the Computer Lab plays a important role in providing new vision to all Staff Members and Students. The services of trained personnel is taken up at the institution level to acquaint the teachers, staff and student regarding Internet and e learning. The State Governments efforts in this regard needs special mention which aims at providing wi fi facilty to all the inmates of the College.

A. Time table

B. Seminar and Symposium -.

Apart from these the college adheres to the sports and cultural calendar framed by the University.

In spite of shortage in hand during the last few years the College taxes its teachers to their limit and tries to adhere to the plan of completing the syllabus within the specified period. In most department teachers are engaging more than 28-30 classes per week which in stray cases even goes up to 32-35.